With the financial burdens schools and organization have to maintain the necessities of daily operation, we provide a plant program that can help raise funds for the classes and schools to meet “extra” needs!


The flowers we provide are hand trimmed three times before they leave the greenhouse. A family business that strives to provide the very best in plants, reaching only the higher end retail operators.

We Practice Honesty

From the Christian family in Michigan that dedicates their lives to providing plants as promised is their motivation. Treating people as we want to be treated is our guide for 35 years of serving schools and organization in the state of Indiana.!


Everyone loves flowers and our Mother’s Day sales provides gifts for mothers, grandmothers, and every gardener around! Many schools have the children help unload the trucks! They love plant delivery day!


Rita Wheatley

Phone  317-586-1966

Email bloomingbiz1@aol.com